Cinema Quilt

Stitching together your story, one frame at a time.

For generations, people have used quilts as a way to share stories and life events. Each square representing an important memory in a visual way.

At Cinema Quilt, we use film as our visual medium to share your stories. We work with you to carefully craft each frame of your story into a finished film you can’t wait to show off to the world.

This process starts in pre-production, a very important step that can be easy to overlook. We work with you to hone ideas and make sure that your film is starting with a strong foundation.  Pre-production can be as simple as talking through a shot list and as involved as creating storyboards, bringing on costume and production designers and writing a script.

The fun really beings as we enter production, this is where the movie-making happens. Lights, cameras, and crew!

From here, the sometimes mysterious process of post-production begins. This involves an editor, similar to the quilter, cutting and stitching together the footage. Add in a composer for an original soundtrack, an audio engineer to polish the mix, an animator to add graphics and a colorist to make the image pop.

Before you know it, your story is finished and ready for you to hang on your virtual wall.

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