Cinema Quilt

Stitching together your story, one frame at a time.

For generations, people have used quilts as a way to share stories and life events. Each square representing an important memory in a visual way.

At Cinema Quilt, we use film as our visual medium to share your stories. We work with you to carefully craft each frame of your story into a finished film you can’t wait to show off to the world. This process starts in pre-production.


Pre-production is a very important step that can be easy to overlook. During this phase, we work with you to hone ideas and make sure that your film is starting with a strong foundation.  Pre-production can be as simple as talking through a shot list and as involved as writing a script, creating storyboards, bringing on costume and production designers and more.


The fun really begins as we enter PRODUCTION. This is where the film-making happens: Lights, cameras, and crew! Productions days run smoothly because we put the time into pre-production to make sure everyone is on the same page with where we’re filming, what we need to capture, and who needs to be there to make it happen. Sometimes this is a single day of filming, and other times it can be more involved.

One of the benefits of working with Cinema Quilt is that we bring the professional talent you might find with a larger production house combined with the personalized experience of working with someone one-on-one.

Our clients do not have to go through layers of people to ensure they are communicating their vision, and our budgets are not padded to cover the salaries of a non-creative department.

Melody Tash
Melody Tash photo by MemoryBoonPhotography

Melody Tash works directly with each client (sometimes as an off-site Producer, other times as the Director or Director of Photography) to bring together the crew and equipment best suited for each project to create a customized film to help you solve the specific needs of your brand through film.

Lining up a shot for "Hallow Gate"


After production is wrapped, the process of post-production begins. This involves an editor, similar to the quilter, cutting and stitching together the footage. Add in a composer for an original soundtrack, an audio engineer to polish the mix, an animator to add graphics and a colorist to make the image pop.

Before you know it, your story is finished and ready for you to hang on your virtual wall.

Ready to start crafting?