Meet Arturo

In late 2018, Beyond Celiac came to us for looking to brainstorm ideas on how they could share the news of their new spokesman, Arturo Chac√≥n-Cruz. They had the idea that perhaps we could film their CEO, Alice Bast, interviewing Arturo. We suggested that perhaps rather than an interview, the film could be more of a story about Arturo’s personal journey and why he wanted to partner with Beyond Celiac.

This idea was embraced, and from here Melody worked with the Beyond Celiac team to create storyboards, interview questions, and a lose script. With an unscripted project this is always an interesting challenge. You do not want to go in with no idea of what the final film should look like, and yet you do not want it so narrow that you are asking people to read their life story from a teleprompter. Finding the middle ground between fully scripted and completely unplanned is essential for a doc-style project’s success.

With Arturo’s busy concert schedule we had a very tight window of time from when the project was approved to when we would be filming. Melody worked quickly to bring on a top-notch local crew in Miami, while producing remotely from Philly. After a great day of filming in Miami, the footage was then shipped back to Philly, where it was edited, color graded and sound mixed for final delivery.

The film has already gained quite a bit of traction for Beyond Celiac, both within the Celiac community and beyond.

Client: Beyond Celiac
Produced by: Cinema Quilt
Director of Photography: Carlos Andres Cuervo
Field Producer and B-camera: Selena Moshell
Audio Recordist: Jackson Derbish
Production Assistant: Chris Mulcan
Writer/Editor: Melody Tash
Post Production Audio: David DeLizza
Colorist: Chip Murphy